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Did you know you can order business cards with Humphrey School formatting? It's true! I ordered cards for myself last year and had to order more this year because I went through them all!

Business cards are a great way to give your contact information to professionals you meet, helping you keep in touch and making you look professional. They are handy for events, conferences, informational interviews and other events and meetings you attend. My biggest use for them has been to include one in hand-written thank-you notes I send after interviews I conduct for career information, internship interviews or class projects. They make a great impression!

Here's how to order them:

1. Go to the West Bank Copy Center in the basement of the Social Science tower. To get there, take the Gopher Way through the basement of the Humphrey Center toward Heller, Blegen, and Social Science Halls and Wilson Library. Pass rows of lockers and take a left through the glass doors at the end of the hall. Take a right toward Social Science Tower. Pass the elevators and on your right is the copy center. Congratulations - you found it!

2. Ask to order student business cards for Humphrey School students. The person will have you fill in your contact info into their template.

3. Pay for the cards with cash or check

60 cards = $15 + tax (this is how many I ordered and it was more than enough for one year)
120 cards = $20 + tax
180 cards = $30 + tax
240 cards = $35 + tax

4. Pick them up after one business day

These business cards have a basic U of M - Humphrey School format. It's an easy and affordable way to have some printed.

Some students have decided to design their own to make theirs more creative - maybe they are a dual-degree candidate or have other information they want to share about themselves, like a tag-line, or want to have a fancier design. This option is better for some, but may be more expensive. I can connect you to students who have gone this route for advice about getting them designed and printed. Email me for more information if this is of interest to you.

Please let me know if you have any questions about how - or why - to order business cards.

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