May 17, 2008

WOW! thats all i can say.

MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.

April 30, 2008

Tutoring Response

So the end of the semester is fast approaching and that means that it end is coming to the tutoring hours. This semester I chose to continue my work with the organization Homework N' Hoops with the Bethlehem Lutheran Community Center.

Last semester due to the large amounts of tutors I was responsible for not just one student but for developing science projects do do for the students during their free time if they chose to do so. But this semester I was able to work it out that I actually would get to Work one on one with a student. I worked with a student that was a third grader at Whittier Elementary School. We really had a great time working with each other (at least I am pretty confident that the feeling is mutual). The two of us would usually go tot he gym for free time every Monday and play either basketball of soccer. Occasionally we would go to the game room and shoot pool. afterwards we would go back to the study area and check out what we would have to do for the day and fill out our "what's happening sheet", then it was snack time! He would always try to sneak one of my snacks out of my and asked if I was going to each that or not, I stood my group for the most part and ate my snack but sometime I would let him have part and make a trade. During study/homework time the two of us would get done to work on some of his homework, either reading or sometimes some spelling and then we would read a book or do some math problems, so he could ear some certificates and get some extra points. We always left some time for a game at the end. I think the most fun we had was when we would team up with another student and their tutor to play a group game, great times!

This last Monday, however, I found out some bad news. My student switched schools, for whatever reason that it maybe, I am not quite sure why, and neither does the organization i think, but non the less I am no longer tutoring. So thats too bad, but it gives me a chance to get to know some of the other kids in the organization for the last few weeks and help them with whatever it may be that they need or are working on in school. It's still a blast and I love meeting new people. Homework N Hoops is a great organization and I hope that I can continue to work with them next year and in the future.

Check out their website:

April 29, 2008

Check out this sweet layout!! blog prompt 07

Here are some layouts my group played around with for our term project.


Template Orange 1.psd

pretty sweet huh?

March 26, 2008

COOL Architecture. Check out this website

I stumbled upon this site and if your at all interested in architecture its worth giving the site a look!


March 20, 2008


In continuing my research and what not for our term project one needs to look at how they are gathering their information and how they want that information and research to be represented.

Personally I think a more basic and general way to display one's research is more appropriate in some settings because its more about getting your information out there to the masses and have people be able to easily read and access what you've completed. This way maybe more people will read and possibly be be effected by your research and information.

Here are a few web pages i've looked at:



March 14, 2008

Recurso Low-Impact Environmental Architecture


Mexican architectural firm ReCURSO Studios, has created these models for low-impact environmental buildings. Click HERE for more pics & info...

Forty percent of the world´s energy is used by buildings. More than fifty percent of the greenhouse gases come from buildings and the construction industry. ReCURSO Studios, has these eye opening environmental facts well understood when they set out to design this modern showcase of low impact, sustainable architecture. By being conscious of not only the end result form, but also the process of building, and all materials used throughout construction, ReCURSO (Spanish for ReSOURCE) hopes to influence change in how the construction industry constructs. This newly commissioned, private residence gently sits in one of the last remaining untouched areas of Mexico City. With a minimal footprint and open air design, this property will hopefully inspire more firms to think green.


I just thought I would post this up, I found it poking around on the internet courtesy of Kanye West's Blog. check it out, its pretty interesting.

March 10, 2008

Peep This Ill Music

Just want to spread the word of good music. I just recently stumbled upon this up and coming artist in NYC. Check him out, its good music

March 6, 2008


My environment, in my eyes, has a major role in who I am as an individual. Everyday, no matter, I am effected by the environment that I am in. all around us things are happening, both good and bad, and whether we think those happenings are affecting us or not, they are.

Growing up and living in the larger city, such as Minneapolis has molded the type of person that I am, from the way I dress to the way that I talk. The urban environment of the Minneapolis has a certain character and different parts of the city have different character; the environment is designed and adapted and the residents are experiencing and adapting to their surroundings. My personal framework is the metropolis, born and raised. everything I do and experience effects who i am. I believe that the phenomenon that I have found myself in is this mix of the urban hip hop sub culture mixed with middle class "indie" artsy-ish white kid. There are certain aspects to the hip hop culture that has molded me and sucked me in, such as, the sneaker fetish that I have acquired. I absolutely LOVE sneakers. I read sneaker blogs, regularly swing by boutiques, and most importantly collect them. I love all kinds, from the Converse Jack Parcells, to Nike Blazers, to Creative Recreations. I really don't think I could have enough. Im always looking for that deal on a classic sneaker or that brand new release that I just have to have.

All of these surroundings that I am effect me and whether that influence is apparent or not its there and in my mind and it makes me think the way I do, the decisions I make, the goals I set, you name it, its effect, small or large, by the environment that I'm in.

Peep this documentary, its GREAT! here is a clip.



The Cool Kids

March 4, 2008

Hot Music

Kid Sister Feat. Kanye West
Pro Nails

The Cool Kids
Black Mags

Valentines Day. FlosstraPROMus

February 29, 2008


Awesome Furniture

"Why is transforming furniture so alluring? Does it appeal to our sense that innovation is progress, the fact that fewer materials for more uses is sustainable or simply a return to the childhood love of things that we can actively change and shape as we wish? Whatever the reason, these designs range from humorous and impractical to jaw-droppingly cool."


This is a great Blog that I read regularly. You may have heard of the the authors before. I hope you have and I hope you've had the opportunity to listen to some of the great music that they make and the great music that surrounds them. N.E.R.D. If you don't know them, check 'em out, its worth it, I promise.


What would I do with myself if I was not in the school of Architecture?

Well lets start out by talking about how in the world I wondered my way into the school of Architecture. I started my University experiences at the University of St. Thomas. Here I was studying Art History. With all that studying of art one can only get the urges to make their own art and express themselves. To say the least, I found my love for art in many different medias. Experimenting with what I really wanted to do with my life studying art, I came across an art history class on American Architecture, and while taking this class at St. Thomas and learning about all these beautiful buildings around the world, it kind of just hit me. The old "light bulb" effect. I wanted to be an architect. It was perfect for me. I could study art history, express my self through design and get my hands dirty crafting models and before I know it a piece of work for my city/ the world. I could satisfy all my needs and as a "cherry on top" I could help the my community and the world, servicing and giving them what they need/ want.
To pursue this career in Architecture I came to the cream of the crop, the University of Minnesota, Whoop Whoop!!

If I wasn't here in the Architecture school, I'd have to find a way to satisfy those needs to affect and help my community and express myself artistically. I'd would most likely wonder my way into city planning. developing and molding my community into what it need to strive and be the best it could be. And on the same hand I would be designing and creating works of art involving the city and whatever it is that inspires me, whether it be music, poetry, or my surrounding. I guess to sum it all up I would be doing what inspired me to be creative while giving out the helping hand to make the place I rest my head a little bit better.





The United Nations have developed Millennium Development Goals (MDG) and for our term project we have looked at these goals and split into groups that concentrate on one of the goals that speaks to us as individuals and we have a passion about. The goal that i have chosen to look more closely at is goal 7, to ensure environment sustainability. Connecting this goal into my life, I have compiled a few songs and images that speak to me and my goal of environmental sustainability.

With that said, I little word about my life is that I am an avid listener and supporter of local music, with more of a concentration of Mpls. and its underground hip hop scene. The way I feel these songs relate to my goal is that when you start to look at environmental sustainability, you should start looking at what you have in your surrounds, your local resources, etc. This is why I have chosen an all local Twin Cities line up of songs for the play list I have compiled. Within these songs, I feel that they speak to empowerment and some even describing the beauty of the Twin Cites. Everything needs to have something to spark interest and make one feel excited and energetic about whatever it may be that needs to be done. In this case, these songs make me feel so proud to be apart of the Twin Cities and proud that these local artists are out there spreading the great word of Mpls and Minnesota, I'm proud to be a Minnesotan. With that feeling of being proud I want to make Mpls all that it can be and sustain everything that I can so Mpls. is everything I want and then some. This is were the environmental sustainability comes into play.

With no further or due, here are the songs and images, and quotes that I have chosen to represent Mpls. and me!

Atmosphere-makes the sun come out
M.anifest- manifestations
M.anifest- spell check
M.anifest feat. Krukid- slow your roll
Prof & Rahzwell- gold teeth
Muja Messiah- get fresh
I Self Devine- officer down

"When life gives you lemons, paint that shit gold"
-Slug (atmosphere)

"Mc jugger-not, heavy as no other joc. Heavy as a levy that New Orleans never got"

"Some say Minneapolis, I say Murderapolis, cuz this is were the murders happenin' and I ain't havin it."
-Muja Messiah

"The revolution may be televised or not, but you still get alive, and direct on every channel, chairman of every panel, to go against us, is to bet on a heavy gamble, the words on the street is the court is in session and Manifest got the gabble."
- M.anifest

"They went behind our back and signed the Patriot Act. That ain't how a patriot act."
-Muja Messiah





February 14, 2008

Intermedia Arts Uptown MPLS.


Art on the Mpls. Greenway



A social issue that has really hit home to me is the issue over graffiti, is it street art or just destruction of property? This is a very touchy and tricky topic. Having grown up in an urban environment i have seen graffiti my entire life. Some very artistic graffiti and some very unartistic and just markings of gang territory. I believe that graffiti is an art form and should be respected and appreciated on an artistic level. Some of our greatest artists have come from creating graffiti, one of the most famous and probably one of the first is the late Basquiat. This form of art is just like that of any other. This form takes skill, practice, and heart. Not just anyone with a paint can that thinks they can draw or paint can go out there and make a mural of graffiti on a wall and have it turn out as beautiful as some of the street art or graffiti that is out there. There is a place for graffiti, don't get me wrong. I am an advocate for street art but I also think that there are places where people should respect people's property and others people's thoughts or beliefs. Its not right to go up to a state building or a person home and crate a mural no matter how beautiful it maybe, permission should be granted for that. This is where i think the state should allow places for these street artists do their craft. Street art can express many things than just pure art. It expresses people opinions and beliefs as well, it is a form for that person or persons to get their opinion out there for the world/community to see and hear, because they might not have any other way to express it. Graffiti/ street art is a very touchy subject for the community and the society has many different issues on it. Those issues need to be voiced, both sides, the pros and the cons. I believe that a community needs to find that medium where street artists can create their work and the community can feel like their property is not being destroyed.