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What would I do with myself if I was not in the school of Architecture?

Well lets start out by talking about how in the world I wondered my way into the school of Architecture. I started my University experiences at the University of St. Thomas. Here I was studying Art History. With all that studying of art one can only get the urges to make their own art and express themselves. To say the least, I found my love for art in many different medias. Experimenting with what I really wanted to do with my life studying art, I came across an art history class on American Architecture, and while taking this class at St. Thomas and learning about all these beautiful buildings around the world, it kind of just hit me. The old "light bulb" effect. I wanted to be an architect. It was perfect for me. I could study art history, express my self through design and get my hands dirty crafting models and before I know it a piece of work for my city/ the world. I could satisfy all my needs and as a "cherry on top" I could help the my community and the world, servicing and giving them what they need/ want.
To pursue this career in Architecture I came to the cream of the crop, the University of Minnesota, Whoop Whoop!!

If I wasn't here in the Architecture school, I'd have to find a way to satisfy those needs to affect and help my community and express myself artistically. I'd would most likely wonder my way into city planning. developing and molding my community into what it need to strive and be the best it could be. And on the same hand I would be designing and creating works of art involving the city and whatever it is that inspires me, whether it be music, poetry, or my surrounding. I guess to sum it all up I would be doing what inspired me to be creative while giving out the helping hand to make the place I rest my head a little bit better.