Boy Scouts policy on openly gay reconsidered

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The Boy Scouts of America's policy may no longer close doors on openly gay members, according to CNN.

Protests and angry Eagle Scouts have led the organization to "potentially discuss" removing this national policy, CNN reported.

"The discussion of potential change in policy is nearing its final stages," NBC reported. It was only last July that the ban on openly gay scouts and leaders was affirmed, NPR reported. The issue is expected to be brought up at BSA's binannual meeting in February, CNN reported.

Scout spokesman Deron Smith said this ban was "absolutely the best policy," news sources report. CNN reported, "Many of parents of Scouts across America found the national policy excluding gays confusing -- and at odds with basic scouting ideals."

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This blog entry is done correctly. Be sure you keep pace. Don't leave them all for the weekend. I know you have had internet challenges, but you are always able to use the lab to do this work. Good luck this week. GG

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