Oregon Winery

Two photos from the Four Graces Winery in Dundee, Oregon. Click photos to enlarge them.

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Dundee Hills Wine Country

On a beautiful Sunday afternoon, we drove to the Dundee Hills wine area in the north Willamette Valley near Portland. The Domaine Serene Winery (developed by a couple from Minnesota) is spectacularly situated and landscaped. Click photos to enlarge them.

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A sort of Cubist pileup of buildings in historic Salvador, Brazil.


The original photo: a pleasant, rather muted palette.

Pelhourino B&W.jpg

The transformation: a rather dark and brooding conversion to black and white, producing quite a different mood.

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Cooking Museum

One of the unexpected sites on the Pelhourino square in Salvador is a small but stylish cooking museum. Click photos to enlarge them.



Arts in Salvador


Sidewalk painter in Pelhourino


Detail of wood bas relief in the Afro-Brazilian Museum


Elaborate collection of penca de balagandans (amulets), worn on a chain by Brazilian Creoles. In the mansion-turned-museum Museu Carlos Costa Pinto.

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Salvador Ramparts


One of the many forts that defended Salvador a few centuries ago.


A view that dramatizes the historic old city above the modern one.

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Pelhourino Squares

Old cities with European influence tend to have attractive squares, centers of activity and important buildings. Here are three in the historic Pelhourino district of Salvador, Brazil. Click photos to enlarge them.


The green object in the foreground is a postal box.




20141007Portland Pearl006.jpg

20141006Pearl Park Blocks016.jpg

I find utility meters photographically interesting because of their combination of clear overall geometry with local detail. Striking color is less frequent, but a bonus. Click photos to enlarge them.