Pelhourino in Golden Light

Back to Brazil. Looking from the main square of the Pelhourino district in Salvador along a row of colorful, historic buildings in the golden light of late afternoon. Click photos to enlarge them.



Montana Travel Center

On this last day of our drive from Saint Paul to Portland, we started in Butte, Montana and drove west through the Bitterroot Mountains, northern Idaho, and into eastern Washington, then south from Spokane into the Columbia River Gorge of Oregon, where we proceeded west to Portland. Striking scenery all the way, though we were so determined to complete the long day's drive (660 miles or so) that we didn't stop for photos. Nevertheless, we did stop for (huge) ice cream cones and huckleberry preserves at the Saint Regis Travel Center in the Bitterroots. This collection of signs and flag seemed to epitomize the exuberant, good-natured commercialism of this part of the country.

Saint Regis, Montana-1.jpg

Some Rocks along US-94

This is the second day of our drive from Saint Paul to Portland, this portion from Dickinson, North Dakota to Butte, Montana. An overcast and sometimes rainy day, but with impressive vistas.

N Dakota & Montana-6.jpg

A view from Painted Canyon Overlook at Theodore Roosevelt National Park in western North Dakota.

N Dakota & Montana-11.jpg

A surprising, almost Zen rock garden next to the men's restroom at a rest stop not far from Billings, Montana.

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Selby Sunrise

Selby sunrise.jpg

A break from Salvador. We've begun our drive from Saint Paul to Portland. This is a farewell photo of the view from the front of Blair House, where we've lived for 31 years, east down Selby Avenue toward the cathedral.

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Salvador Kids



A lot of hanging out going on. Click photos to enlarge them.

Salvador Walls

Walls in Salvador, Brazil, seem to invite some kind of decoration. Sort of two-dimensional version of "Nature abhors a vacuum." Click photos to enlarge them.




Sao Francisco Church and Convent

The São Francisco Church and Convent of Salvador, located at the head of the main square in Pelhourino, is a strikingly ornate and complex set of structures. The blue and white panels, the exuberant gilded ornamentation, and the vivid sculptures all make this one of the most striking colonial monuments we have seen.

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