Fall Rain in Portland

Portland, Oregon is well known (renowned? notorious?) for its rainy climate. We have spent well over 100 days here during the past several years, and yesterday was the FIRST day on which we experienced a heavy, day-long rain. More are to come in the following days, we're assured; but still, we think Portland has gotten a bad rap. This fall has been delightful until yesterday.

The climate being mild, the leaves are slow to assume their fall colors. They are in the midst of doing so now, and the rain has knocked some off the trees.


Here are two that landed on the brightly-patterned outdoor carpet on our balcony.


Looking down from the balcony to the sidewalk. The holiday lights were installed about a week ago.

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Farewell to Salvador

Two final photos from Salvador, Brazil - one of the most photogenic places I've been. These two emphasize the old and weathered aspect of the city, which is only part of its charm. But don't worry: there's more of Brazil to come. Click photos to enlarge them.



Salvador Sunrise

Two pictures of the sunrise over the port at Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. The second uses the Dramatic Tone art filter on my Olympus. Click photos to enlarge them.



Oregon Winery

Two photos from the Four Graces Winery in Dundee, Oregon. Click photos to enlarge them.

20141019Wine Country014.jpg

20141019Wine Country016.jpg

Dundee Hills Wine Country

On a beautiful Sunday afternoon, we drove to the Dundee Hills wine area in the north Willamette Valley near Portland. The Domaine Serene Winery (developed by a couple from Minnesota) is spectacularly situated and landscaped. Click photos to enlarge them.

20141019Wine Country027.jpg

20141019Wine Country025.jpg

20141019Wine Country028.jpg


A sort of Cubist pileup of buildings in historic Salvador, Brazil.


The original photo: a pleasant, rather muted palette.

Pelhourino B&W.jpg

The transformation: a rather dark and brooding conversion to black and white, producing quite a different mood.

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Cooking Museum

One of the unexpected sites on the Pelhourino square in Salvador is a small but stylish cooking museum. Click photos to enlarge them.