Two Bars

Bar, Truchas, New Mexico.jpg

Bar, Truchas, New Mexico, July 2008

Bar, Athens, Greece.jpg

Bar, Athens, Greece, May 2007

Friday we drove to the village of Truchas, in the mountains on the way from Santa Fe to Taos. It's a quirky but picturesque and friendly place, where the movie "The Milagro Bean Field War" was shot in 1986. We struck up a conversation with Felipe Cordova, who had just opened this bar. Quite a contrast with the bar we passed one evening in Athens last May.

A note on the links in the sidebar: These are some of the photography blogs I've found most interesting. I was struck, as I assembled them, by the relatively large proportion that show black and white street photography in New York City. The crowdedness, diversiiy, fast pace, and anonymity of New York is unmatched anywhere in the US - all features that make for compelling photography. The contrast with the equally compelling "Walk Through Durham Township" and the calm, prosaic glens of Scotland in "AuspiciousDragon" is wonderful.

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