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Singapore - Little India

Singapore - Little India-1.jpg

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Singapore - Little India-3.jpg

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Little India is virtually the only part of urban Singapore that hasn't been totally modernized. It's crowded, colorful, vigorously commercial, and fun to wander in.

Singapore - Emerald Hill Pink

Singapore - Emerald Hill-1.jpg

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Singapore - Emerald Hill-2.jpg

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Singapore - Emerald Hill

Singapore - Emerald Hill-3.jpg

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Singapore - Emerald Hill-4.jpg

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According to Wikipedia, Emerald Hill is "Former home to many members of the city-state's wealthy Peranakan community, it is located near Orchard Road. Many of its homes feature Chinese Baroque architecture. " It's picturesque and rather pretty.

Singapore - Takashimaya Department Store (3)

Singapore - Orchard Road-7.jpg

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Singapore - Orchard Road-8.jpg

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A final pair of photos from the vivid Takashimaya Department Store at Chinese New Year.

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Singapore - Takashimaya Food Court (2)

Singapore - Orchard Road-3.jpg

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Singapore - Orchard Road-6.jpg

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The Takashimaya Food Court was especially colorful and lively because it was Chinese New Year. Many tasty samples were being handed out.

Singapore - Takashimaya Food Court

Singapore - Orchard Road-4.jpg

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Singapore - Orchard Road-5.jpg

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The great Tokyo department store Takashimaya has a branch on Orchard Road in Singapore. The Food Court occupies the full second floor of the basement. Fresh produce, special goodies in boxes, and fresh-cooked meals are on offer, and the cooks are in full view.

Singapore - Two-faces

Singapore - Two-faced-1.jpg

Outside the Singapore Art Museum. (click to enlarge)

Singapore - Two-faced-2.jpg

On Orchard Road, Singapore's premier shopping street. (click to enlarge)

Singapore - Hypermodern

Singapore Modern-1.jpg

Buildings near Rochor Road and Victoria (click to enlarge)

Singapore Modern-2.jpg

Sim Lim Square (click to enlarge)

Singapore has a lot of modern buildings, many of them not very attractive, which were built on the ground cleared by tearing down historic districts. (Little India, which will be coming up soon, is an exception.) Sim Lim Square is a six-story technology shopping center, called "the IT hub of Singapore".

Singapore - Raffles Hotel

Singapore Raffles Hotel-1.jpg

Hallway, Raffles Hotel (click to enlarge)

Singapore Raffles Hotel-2.jpg

Cashier's desk, Raffles Hotel (click to enlarge)

Sir Stamford Raffles founded the city of Singapore in 1819. The Raffles Hotel is one of the grand locations in Singapore. The Singapore Sling was invented at its Long Bar. Although the hotel is too expensive for ordinary mortals, it's fun to wander its grounds and public areas. It breathes a coolness and old-fashioned elegance that more modern hotels can't duplicate.

Singapore - Museum of Asian Civilizations

Singapore Asian Civ-1.jpg

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Singapore Asian Civ-2.jpg

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Singapore is a remarkably diverse city-state, and it has an excellent Museum of Asian Civilizations that showcases the cultural and artistic background of that diversity. Here are two examples.

Singapore - Albert Center Flower Market

Singapore Albert Center-3.jpg

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Singapore Albert Center-4.jpg

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Albert Center has an extensive flower market, which was especially colorful in preparation for the Chinese New Year. A central aisle divides it into real flowers on one side, and artificial on the other. These scenes are from the artificial side.

Singapore - Worship in the Albert Center

We've just returned from a 3 1/2-week trip to Singapore, Cambodia, and Vietnam. These are three lively and very photogenic countries, and this blog for the next several weeks will feature scenes from our trip.

We spent the first three days in Singapore, and an additional day on the way home. The Albert Center, a bustling market area in the Civic District near our hotel, has an interdenominational temple and a vivid flower and produce market.

Singapore Albert Center-1.jpg

(click to enlarge) Incense-burning worshipers at the Shri Krishnan Temple

Singapore Albert Center-2.jpg

(click to enlarge) Rubbing the Buddha to bring good luck.

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