Salaspils Concentration Camp Near Riga, Latvia

2009-07-01 Riga-84.jpg

(click to enlarge) Representation of the tallies prisoners marked on the wall to count the passing of the days.

2009-07-01 Riga 84a.jpg

(click to enlarge) Soviet-era sculptures symbolizing the indominability of prisoners.

From Wikipedia:

"During World War II, the Nazis established Stalag-350-s, a camp for Soviet prisoners of war, in Salaspils. Two km outside of the city, in the nearby forest, the Nazi SS also established the largest civlian concentration camp in the Baltics. The exact numbers of those who died at Stalag-350-s is the subject of ongoing debate. According to a report compiled in 1944 by the Soviet authorities, 43,000 captured Red Army personnel were either killed or died from diseases and starvation there] Three other numbers have been mentioned in accounts published subsequently by Soviet historians. The history of the Latvian SSR printed in 1959 claims 56,000 people were killed. The Little Latvian Encyclopedia published in the 1970s claims 53,000 were killed." Other Soviet-era estimates were as high as 101,000.

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