Arkansas Ozarks: Petit Jean State Park (3)


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Two more photos from our early morning hike to the base of Cedar Falls.

Eliot Porter and James Gleick collaborated on a book of Porter's photos entitled "Nature's Chaos". The idea was that the photos exemplified the processes of nature that, although not random, lead to results that seem indeterminate. From Wikipedia:

"Mathematically, chaos means deterministic behaviour which is very sensitive to its initial conditions. In other words, infinitesimal perturbations of initial conditions for a chaotic dynamic system lead to large variations in behaviour.

Chaotic systems consequently look random. However, they are actually deterministic systems governed by physical or mathematical laws (predictable in principle, if you have exact information) that are impossible to predict in practice beyond a certain point."

I photograph such scenes with a similar aim. The challenge is to find some aesthetic order in the scene.

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