Estonian Open Air Museum - Crafts


(click to enlarge) Weaving is certainly a craft, sometimes an art.


(click to enlarge) Is keeping the birds away a craft or an art?

From the Estonian Open Air Museum's web site, :

"Nuki handicraft farm is open every day from May to September where the types of national handicrafts are demonstrated.

Built in the 1890s, Nuki farm has been the Open Air Museum's handicraft farm since 2006, where in the summer season, one can see various national handicrafts in action and learn the techniques behind them. Our goal is not to demonstrate the crafts precisely as they were practiced hundreds of years ago but instead to show the national handicraft tradition in its current development. After all, even the farming households of old did not shy away from innovations and often embraced more effective techniques and methods. Handicraft experts from across Estonia are at work and ready with helpful advice for aficionados."

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