Peru - Floating Island Women

2010-05-22, Lake Titicaca-40.jpg

(click to enlarge) Vivid colors and distinctive hats are characteristic.

2010-05-22, Lake Titicaca-46.jpg

(click to enlarge) The hills around Puno, across the bay, are in the background.

"Each step on an island sinks about 2-4" depending on the density of the ground underfoot. As the reeds dry, they break up more and more as they are walked upon. As the reed breaks up and moisture gets to it, it rots, and a new layer has to be added to it. It is a lot of work to maintain the islands. Because the people living there are so infiltrated with tourists now, they have less time to maintain everything, so they have to work even harder in order to keep up with the tourists and with the maintenance of their island. Tourism provides financial opportunities for the natives, while simultaneously challenging their traditional lifestyle." (Wikipedia)

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