Peru - Ollantaytambo Storehouses

High on an impossibly steep hillside across from Temple Hill in Ollantaytambo are some structures that, when seen through a telephoto lens, turn out to be grain storehouses.

2010-05-20 Ollayantaytambo-10.jpg

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2010-05-20 Ollayantaytambo-15.jpg

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According to Wikipedia: "The Incas built several storehouses (Quechua: qollqa) out of fieldstones on the hills surrounding Ollantaytambo. Their location at high altitudes, where there is more wind and lower temperatures, defended their contents against decay. To enhance this effect, the Ollantaytambo qollqas feature ventilation systems. It is believed that they were used to store the production of the agricultural terraces built around the site. Grain would be poured in the windows on the uphill side of each building, then emptied out through the downhill side window."

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