Lima - Huaca Pucllana

Right in the middle of Lima is this massive pyramid of adobe bricks, covering several blocks and rising about 100 feet. According to LimaEasy:

"The Archaeological Complex Huaca Pucllana was an Administrative and Ceremonial Center of the Lima Culture, a society that developed at the Peruvian Central Coast between 200 AD and 700 AD. Located in today's district of Miraflores the Huaca Pucllana was built around 500 AD. Pucllana is one of the most important ancient monuments in Lima. Located right in the middle of a modern residential area it is resisting the urban growth and reminding the LimeƱos every day about their archaeological patrimony. The complex consists of the archaeological ruins itself, a small site museum, an area for workshops, a small souvenir shop and a restaurant."

2010-05-26 Lima-4.jpg

(click to enlarge) I estimate that there are on the order of a billion bricks in the pyramid.

2010-05-26 Lima-18.jpg

(click to enlarge) Restoring the pyramid seems an almost Sysiphusean task.

2010-05-26 Lima-23.jpg

(click to enlarge) The pyramid with fog-shrouded downtown Lima in the background.

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