Peru - Lima Cathedral

We finished our Peruvian trip with a couple of days in Lima. It's a big city - about 9 million population - with a lot of modern features, good and bad. However, its historic center is well preserved, and we had a good guided tour. One of the key attractions is the ornate baroque cathedral, built in 1564 and remodeled many times thereafter. It was designed by the conquistador Francisco Pizarro, whose tomb is in one of the chapels.

2010-05-25 Lima-2.jpg

(click to enlarge) One of the chapels, featuring incredibly ornate baroque carving.

2010-05-25 Lima-4.jpg

(click to enlarge) The choir stalls are exquisitely carved.

2010-05-25 Lima-7.jpg

(click to enlarge) Our very competent and personable guide, Sheila.

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