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New York - Lower East Side Buildings


(click to enlarge) The Puck Building hosts corporate events, weddings, etc.


(click to enlarge) Elegant old building front with characteristic fire escapes

New York - Buildings


(click to enlarge) Lower East Side


(click to enlarge) Battery Park at the tip of lower Manhattan, after getting off the Staten Island Ferry

New York - Community Spirit through Public Art


(click to enlarge)


(click to enlarge)

New York - In the Subway


(click to enlarge)

The woman with the flowers makes me think of what Botticelli might do if he were working in New York today.


(click to enlarge)

New York - More Street Art

Some of the street art on the Lower East Side is of remarkable ambition and quality.


(click to enlarge)


(click to enlarge)

New York - Orange Light


(click to enlarge) Bar of the Chinatown Brasserie


(click to enlarge) In the subway

New York - Street Art

Streets on the Lower East Side are hard to beat for vivid wall art.


(click to enlarge) East Houston Street


(click to enlarge) Corner of E. Houston and Allen

New York - Still More MOMA

NYC MOMA-5.jpg

(click to enlarge)

NYC MOMA-8.jpg

(click to enlarge)

New York - More MOMA

NYC MOMA-6.jpg

(click to enlarge) Reflecting surfaces of a solar cooker

NYC MOMA-7.jpg

(click to enlarge) Rectilinear and curvilinear

New York - MOMA Mismatches

Drinking the Great Lakes one spoon at a time...

NYC MOMA-9.jpg

(click to enlarge)

NYC MOMA-3.jpg

(click to enlarge)

New York - Museum of Modern Art

I like to take photos of people interacting with works of art. The Museum of Modern Art is a perfect place to find such images. At their spectacular exhibit "Abstract Expressionist New York" I found these two (plus more to come).

NYC MOMA-2.jpg

(click to enlarge) A painting by Barnett Newman

NYC MOMA-4.jpg

(click to enlarge) An all-black painting by Ad Reinhardt

New York - Abstract Art on the Street


(click to enlarge)


(click to enlarge)

New York - Grotesques


(click to enlarge) Chinatown


(click to enlarge) Little Italy

New York - Subway


(click to enlarge)


(click to enlarge)


(click to enlarge)

New York - Lower East Side

We've been in New York for a few days. Here are some street scenes.


(click to enlarge) Orchard Street


(click to enlarge) East Houston Street

University of Minnesota Civil Engineering Building

The Civil Engineering Building at the University of Minnesota starts at ground level and goes seven stories underground. So the stairwell is pretty dramatic.

20100928UM Buildings-63.jpg

(click to enlarge) Looking down

20100928UM Buildings-64.jpg

(click to enlarge) Looking up

University of Minnesota - Stairway to Somewhere

Stairways in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Building, Keller Hall.

20100927UM Buildings-37.jpg

(click to enlarge)

20100927UM Buildings-46.jpg

(click to enlarge)

University of Minnesota - Keller Hall

20100927UM Buildings-28.jpg

(click to enlarge)

20100927UM Buildings-26.jpg

(click to enlarge)

University of Minnesota - Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

The Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Building at the University of Minnesota, recently renamed Keller Hall after a former university president, is one of the most architecturally interesting buildings on campus: sharp angles, bright colors, and interesting juxtapositions of materials.

20100927UM Buildings-24.jpg

(click to enlarge)

20100927UM Buildings-22.jpg

(click to enlarge)

Lind Hall is home to a miscellaneous group of programs: the English Department, the Institute for Mathematics and its Applications, and a variety of undergraduate engineering service units. Its visuals are correspondingly heterogeneous.

20100927UM Buildings-2.jpg

(click to enlarge) First-floor visual for the fourth-floor-located Institute for Mathematics and its Applications, with three mysterious chairs.

20100927UM Buildings-8.jpg

(click to enlarge) A bulletin board near English Department faculty offices, displaying old literary magazine covers.

University of Minnesota - Lind Hall Reading Room

Lind Hall is, for the most part, a rather drab building; but it houses this glorious reading room.

20100927UM Buildings-3.jpg

(click to enlarge)

20100927UM Buildings-4.jpg

(click to enlarge)

Guthrie Silhouettes

During intermission at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis


(click to enlarge)

University of Minnesota - Williamson Hall

Williamson Hall on the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus used to house the East Bank Bookstore. Now it's home to the Bursar's Office and similar functions.

20100920Pillsbury Hall-16.jpg

(click to enlarge) Never miss a chance to recruit.

20100920Pillsbury Hall-19.jpg

(click to enlarge) I've always been intrigued by the strongly textured concrete finish of the hallways in Williamson.

University of Minnesota - Pillsbury Hall

Pillsbury Hall, which houses the Geology and Geophysics Department, was built in 1887 and is the second oldest building on the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus. An interesting history and description of the building is available here.

20100920Pillsbury Hall-2.jpg

(click to enlarge)

20100920Pillsbury Hall-11.jpg

(click to enlarge)

University of Minnesota - Phillips Wangensteen Building


(click to enlarge) Escalators leading to and from the clinics


(click to enlarge) An outpost of the Outside In cafe looks like a corral for the medical students.

University of Minnesota - Preacher and Hecklers

20100916UM Kolthoff Hall-11.jpg

(click to enlarge) This seems to be the season for preachers at the University of Minnesota. This fellow was preaching the damnation of a GLBT life, and his audience -- including many members of the Rainbow Coalition -- was giving it back to him in spades. A good time was had by all.

University of Minnesota - Chemistry Building

20100916UM Kolthoff Hall-9.jpg

(click to enlarge) Chemistry lab in Kolthoff Hall

20100916UM Kolthoff Hall-5.jpg

(click to enlarge) Some bulletin boards have just chemistry-related material and are very neat, others have lots of general announcements and advertisements piled willy-nilly.

University of Minnesota - Mathematics Library

20100914University of Minnesota-49.jpg

(click to enlarge)

20100914University of Minnesota-52.jpg

(click to enlarge)

"Baron Augustin-Louis Cauchy (21 August 1789 - 23 May 1857) was a French mathematician who was an early pioneer of analysis. He started the project of formulating and proving the theorems of infinitesimal calculus in a rigorous manner. He also gave several important theorems in complex analysis and initiated the study of permutation groups in abstract algebra. A profound mathematician, Cauchy exercised a great influence over his contemporaries and successors. His writings cover the entire range of mathematics and mathematical physics.

"Cauchy was a prolific writer; he wrote approximately eight hundred research articles and five complete textbooks. He was a devout Roman Catholic, strict (Bourbon) royalist, and a close associate of the Jesuit order." ( Wikipedia)

University of Minnesota People

20100914University of Minnesota-37.jpg

(click to enlarge) Rock climbing in front of Coffman Memorial Union

20100914University of Minnesota-57.jpg

(click to enlarge) I was amused by the contrast between the preacher's certainty and the mixed messages conveyed by the signs and stoplight.

University of Minnesota Buildings - More Abstractions

Two more closeups of the sculpture in front of Amundson Hall. See yesterday's post for the big picture.

20100914University of Minnesota-12.jpg

(click to enlarge)

20100914University of Minnesota-16.jpg

(click to enlarge)

University of Minnesota Buildings - Abstractions

20100914University of Minnesota-6.jpg

(click to enlarge) A half-globe sculpture on the plaza in front of Amundson Hall (Chemical Engineering/Materials Science), becomes

20100914University of Minnesota-8.jpg

(click to enlarge) an intriguing abstract sculpture/painting when seen up close.

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