Panama - Coffee Plantation

We're in Cala Mia, a resort on Isla Boca Brava just off the south-west (Pacific) side of Panama. We're sitting beside the pool enjoying a balmy New Year's Eve. Much to our surprise, the place has wi-fi, so I'm taking the opportunity to send some photos from yesterday, when we stayed at Finca Lerida, a coffee plantation in the western province of Chiriqui.

20101230Finca Lerida008.jpg

(Click to enlarge) The building in which we were staying, viewed from a hill over the coffee plantation. Our room is just to the right of the central angle.

20101230Finca Lerida017.jpg

(Click To Enlarge) Coffee beans (called cherries) on a bush. The dark red ones are picked, one at a time.

20101230Finca Lerida141.jpg

(Click to enlarge) Cherries waiting to be skinned (there are two skins, outer and inner) to make the beans ready for processing.

20101230Finca Lerida144.jpg

(Click to enlarge) Elsa in the "cupping" room, where different batches of beans are roasted, ground, and tested for fragrance and taste.

Happy New Year!

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