Panama - Panama City

We're at the Gamboa Rainforest Resort outside of Panama City, in the midst of a torrential downpour (a front that has moved up from South America) that shows no sign of letting up soon. Our Country Walkers group -- which was supposed to be nine people -- is down to just Elsa and me. Five, stuck by snowstorms on the East Coast, have canceled. One is trying to get here from Washington, D.C. And one is stuck in the San Blas Islands, where she went before this tour, the rain being too heavy for her small plane to fly up here.

So we're sitting in the comfortable lobby of the resort, with free wi-fi, and I figured that I might start posting some of my photos from Panama City, where we spent three days before starting our Country Walkers excursion.

20101225Panama City046.jpg

(Click to enlarge) When we took our first walk around Panama City on Saturday, the two things that struck us immediately were the enormous concentration of skyscrapers, newly built or under construction ...

20101225Panama City002.jpg

(Click to enlarge) ... and the large number of nativity scenes, many of them life-sized and constructed with great care and verisimilitude.

More of both themes to come in following days, as internet access allows.

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