Sarajevo Scenes


(Click to enlarge) Finally, some impressive clouds and good morning light to set off the hills and buildings of Sarajevo's Old City.


(Click to enlarge) We walked from the Old City along the Miljacka River, lined with buildings from Austro-Hungarian times.


(Click to enlarge) Not all of the buildings are pretty. These tenements probably date from Communist times.


(Click to enlarge) The Historical Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina has a moving exhibit of everyday items, photos, newspaper stories, etc., of the Siege of Sarajevo.


(Click to enlarge) Walking back from the museum along Marshall Tito Street through the center of Sarajevo, we encountered an attractive, quiet park devoted as a memorial to the children killed in the siege. These cylinders list the children, their years of birth and death.


(Click to enlarge) Amid the grass and wildflowers in the park were some Muslim tombstones.


(Click to enlarge) The walls along the city streets are often covered with the remains of bright signage and grafitti.


(Click to enlarge) Back in the Old City, we strolled through the Brusa Domed-Market Building. The building is reminiscent of covered markets in Marrakesh and Istanbul, but those would have been filled with spice and food merchants, while this was filled with sellers of sunglasses and costume jewelry. Still, some of the shops - and shopkeepers - were colorful.

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