Today we drove from Sarajevo to Mostar, two of the most attractive and important, but also the most tragic, cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


(Click to enlarge) The name "Mostar" comes from "Stari Most", or "Old Bridge". It's one of the most famous sights in the Balkans, but is no longer old, since the bridge dating from the 1500s was blown up by the Croats in 1993. It was rebuilt as a virtually exact replica in 2004.


(Click to enlarge) Looking down the beautiful Neretva River, in the direction away from the bridge, toward Mostar's Old Town.


(Click to enlarge) Interior detail of Koski Mehmed Pasha's Mosque, which overlooks the river and the bridge.


(Click to enlarge) The main street of the Old Town is paved with rounded cobblestones, attractive but somewhat difficult to walk on, in places arranged in geometric patterns.


(Click to enlarge) A cemetery just above the Old Town is filled with hundreds of gravestones of young men killed in 1993.


(Click to enlarge) A rusted door of a shop, perforated with shrapnel holes from a grenade.


(Click to enlarge) View over the Old Town at sunset.

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