Slovenia: The Julian Alps

Today we drove through the Julian Alps, in northwest Slovenia near the borders with Italy and Austria. These mountains are lower than the Swiss Alps or the Rockies, so they're covered with trees in most places, but they're equally spectacular in terms of high jagged peaks and deep valleys and canyons.

20110607Julian Alps-21.jpg

(Click to enlarge) It rained on and off throughout the day, so the mountains were shrouded with low-hanging clouds.

20110607Julian Alps-4.jpg

(Click to enlarge) The Russian Chapel commemorates the deaths of a hundred WWI Russian prisoners of war who were killed in an avalanche while building a road through the Alps for the Austrian army.

20110607Julian Alps-14.jpg

(Click to enlarge) Sheep were grazing near the Vrsic Pass, the highest pass in Slovenia.

20110607Julian Alps-26.jpg

(Click to enlarge) Many of the farm houses we passed had large stacks of firewood for the coming winter.

20110607Julian Alps-25.jpg

(Click to enlarge) Mountains shrouded in mist are a dramatic and beautiful sight.

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