Zagreb and Ljubljana

Today we drove from Plitvice Lakes National Park to Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, and then on to Ljubljana, in Slovenia. Unbeknownst to us, Pope Benedict was coming to Zagreb in a few hours, which meant that many streets were blocked off and many police (polite and helpful, we should note) were deployed. So we photographed some of the early festivities, bought some sandwiches, and got out of town before we got trapped in the celebration.


(Click to enlarge) Young women painting happy celestial pictures in the park.


(Click to enlarge) Never miss a chance to sell some t-shirts.


(Click to enlarge) Slovenia is strikingly more attractive and prosperous than Croatia. Ljubljana is a colorful, relaxed university town, with an attractive river running through it. This is a detail of a sculpture of the major of the city around the end of the 19th C, who was responsible for many of the characteristic period buildings. We were told that he lived until age 90, then committed suicide in 1941 when the Nazis took over.


(Click to enlarge) An elegant door handle fits the style of the city.


(Click to enlarge) Custom evening sails down the river are popular. This was one of the liveliest.


(Click to enlarge) We are staying near the university, which has an abundance of art exhibits and an arts festival about to commence.


(Click to enlarge)


(Click to enlarge) Even the grafitti are cheerful.

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