Boston: Commonwealth Avenue Statuary

Commonwealth Avenue in Boston has a series of good statues of notables from American history, largely from the Boston area

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(click to enlarge) "William Lloyd Garrison (December 12, 1805 - May 24, 1879) was a prominent American abolitionist, journalist, and social reformer. He is best known as the editor of the abolitionist newspaper The Liberator, and as one of the founders of the American Anti-Slavery Society, he promoted "immediate emancipation" of slaves in the United States. Garrison was also a prominent voice for the women's suffrage movement."

20110724Back Bay Photowalk-125.jpg

(click to enlarge) "Samuel Eliot Morison, Rear Admiral, United States Naval Reserve (July 9, 1887 - May 15, 1976) was an American historian noted for works of history (especially maritime history) that were both authoritative and highly readable. A sailor as well as a scholar, Morison garnered numerous literary prizes, military honors, and national awards from both foreign countries and United States, including the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Some of his textbooks continue to be widely used,[citation needed] though his treatment of American slavery in early editions was criticised as minimizing its brutality."

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