Madagascar - Nosy Be

Since the last illustrated post (Madagascar Day 2) we've spent one more day in Antananarivo - the capital, known as Tana - and three days in the eastern side of the island in a couple of neighboring national parks. Rather than try to catch up now with photos from those days, I'll post some contemporary photos.

For today and the next two days we're based in the resort town of Nosy Be (Big Island) in the northwest corner of Madagascar. We're housed and fed in a nice resort, but visit nearby smaller islands for the local fauna and culture. Nosy Kumba has a tame colony of black lemurs, which act as a tourist attraction to help the people sell their fabrics and other crafts. There are lots of kids running around, many of them also trying to sell something.

20110926Nosy Be012.jpg

Children play while mother embroiders.

20110926Nosy Be008.jpg

Kids run around in front of tablecloths flapping in the breeze for sale on the beach.

20110926Nosy Be023.jpg

The lemurs come running when bananas are on offer. Male black lemurs are black,

20110926Nosy Be055.jpg

while females are brown with white ruffs.

20110926Nosy Be049.jpg

Also on display for the tourists are a tree boa

20110926Nosy Be060.jpg

and a panther chameleon.

20110926Nosy Be090.jpg

We then took a boat ride to the nearby island of Nosy Tankeli for swimming, snorkeling, a wonderful picnic lunch, and an afternoon of badly needed relaxation (since we had gotten up at 1:30 AM for our flight from Tana to Nosy Be). On the way we sighted this inter-island ferry for the natives, picturesque from this side and crammed with people on the other.

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