Madagascar - Andasibe National Park

September 24: We went from our lodge to the Andasibe National Park, part of the same complex yesterday's Mantadia. Our main goal was to see the indri, the largest lemur still in existence.

20110924Antasibe Park082.jpg

20110924Antasibe Park103.jpg

They are fast-moving, acrobatic, and playful. "The indri is well known for its loud, distinctive songs, which can last from 45 seconds to more than 3 minutes." (Wikipedia). We can testify to the validity of this description.

Also seen, a few other creatures endemic to Madagascar:

20110924Antasibe Park093.jpg

Brown lemur

20110924Antasibe Park039.jpg

Parson's chameleon

20110924Giraffe Weevil041.jpg

Giraffe weevil (for the long neck).

We took a walk in the nearby Orchid Garden.

20110924Antasibe Park109.jpg

20110924Antasibe Park116.jpg

Finally, some shots of the ordinary vegetation along our path. I usually try to take photos of "perfect" plants in the peak of condition, but here were a couple of specimens that reminded me that decay is part of life, and has its own beauty.

20110924Antasibe Park125.jpg

20110924Antasibe Park135.jpg

(Click photos to enlarge them.)

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