Madagascar - Berenty to Fort Dauphin

October 1: In the morning we took a walk through the Berenty Private Reserve.

20111001Berenty to Port Dauphin024.jpg

We observed flying foxes (large fruit bats) roosting in trees

20111001Berenty to Port Dauphin039.jpg

and flying around on courtship missions,

20111001Berenty to Port Dauphin048.jpg

and had our last glimpses of the Verreaux's sifaka

20111001Berenty to Port Dauphin060.jpg

and ring-tailed lemurs.

20111001Berenty to Port Dauphin065.jpg

After lunch we boarded our bus for the long ride back to Fort Dauphin through the sisal plantation, passing a zebu-drawn cart

20111001Berenty to Port Dauphin066.jpg

and a village market.

20111001Berenty to Port Dauphin068.jpg

These women must think we're as exotic as we think they are - and they have much better posture from carrying water and most everything else on their heads.

20111001Berenty to Port Dauphin072.jpg

Zebu graze in the sisal fields, tended by a young man with a spear (off stage left).

20111001Berenty to Port Dauphin075.jpg

Bringing in the sisal leaves for processing. This is one of the few tractors we saw.

20111001Berenty to Port Dauphin081.jpg

Green buds on one of the plants in the spiny bush.

20111001Berenty to Port Dauphin082.jpg

Vendor at a road-side craft stand.

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