Madagascar - Lemur Park

We're back in Minnesota, with reliable Internet access, so I'm able to resume posting photos from our trip to Madagascar. Picking up on September 21, 2011, our third day in the country, we took a morning bus ride from Antananarivo to Lemur Park. This is a private reserve with a conservation mission that claims nine species of lemurs - 37 individuals, all formerly unwanted (and illegal) pets - of which I was able to photograph six species.

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The habitat is natural and open, and the animals are free to leave; but they are well-fed and cared for here, and the property is bounded by a river that the lemurs are loath to enter.

Crowned Sifaka.jpg

Crowned sifaka, Sifakas, a genus of lemur, move by jumping on two legs, while other lemurs walk on four legs.

B&W Ruffed Lemur.jpg

Black and white ruffed lemur

Mongoose Lemur.jpg

Mongoose lemur

Coquerel's Sifaka.jpg

Coquerel's sifaka

Bamboo Lemur.jpg

Bamboo lemur

Black Lemur.jpg

Black lemur. Lemurs are often reminiscent of cats - this one particularly so.

Radiative Tortoise.jpg

The park (like others in Madagascar) also houses some tortoises. The radiative tortoise has a particularly attractive shell.

Baby Baobobs.jpg

A hillside near the entrance to the park is planted with baby baobob trees and other endemic flora.


This view reminds me of a surrealist painting by Tanguy.

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