Madagascar - Mantadia National Park

On September 23, we drove for about 1 1/2 hours over a rough dirt road from Vakona Lodge to Mantadia National Park, a tropical rain forest area (though this was the dry season). Click photos to enlarge them.

The vegetation was lush:

20110923Perinet & Mantadia044.jpg

20110922Perinet & Mantadia041.jpg

20110923Perinet & Mantadia042.jpg

20110923Perinet & Mantadia057.jpg

We saw a red-bellied lemur with a beautiful chestnut coat,

20110923Perinet & Mantadia055.jpg

a troupe of diademed sifakas, including a mother with a baby,

20110923Perinet & Mantadia081.jpg

20110923Perinet & Mantadia093.jpg

20110923Perinet & Mantadia097.jpg

and a black and white ruffed lemur.

20110923Perinet & Mantadia109.jpg

We also encountered some other striking animals, including a pygmy kingfisher,

20110923Perinet & Mantadia121.jpg

a small but beauriful butterfly,

20110923Perinet & Mantadia130.jpg

and a green gecko on a fence-post.

20110923Perinet & Mantadia133.jpg

It's often harder to find (and certainly harder to photograph) animals in the wild than in a zoo or private reserve, but it's also more exciting and rewarding.

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