Madagascar - The Last Day

October 4: We take the long bus ride back from Isalo to Tulear, there to board a plane to Antananarivo and then to Paris.

20111004Isola to Tolaria005.jpg

Children besieging our bus as we pass through Ilakaka

We arrive in Tulear a couple of hours before our flight is scheduled, so spend an hour in the Arboretum. I was taken with the tangles,

20111004Isola to Tolaria012.jpg

20111004Isola to Tolaria023.jpg

the spines on flora and fauna,

20111004Isola to Tolaria016.jpg

20111004Isola to Tolaria019.jpg

and the strange shapes against the sky -

20111004Isola to Tolaria025.jpg

Suitable last images of a wonderfully strange country.

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