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Behind the Scenes - Dormitory

A couple of photos from my series "Behind the Scenes" at the University of Minnesota, in one of the student dormitories - Yudof Hall, named for a former UM president.

Yudof Hall-1.jpg

(Click to enlarge) UPS delivery in the mail room

Yudof Hall-2.jpg

(Click to enlarge) Some R&R in the game room

Printing Services - Type


(Click to enlarge) Individual pieces of type are hardly used any more in big printing plants, except for embossing titles on bindings.


(Click to enlarge) But they make a fine sculpture in the courtyard of the University of Minnesota's Printing Services building.

Printing Services

A big university like the University of Minnesota uses a lot of brochures, and needs a big press to print them.


(Click to enlarge)


(Click to enlarge)

Printing Services

Workers at the University of Minnesota Printing Services facility.


(Click to enlarge)


(Click to enlarge)

Printing Services

University of Minnesota Printing Services handles all kinds of jobs. This is at the big end of the scale.


(Click to enlarge)


(Click to enlarge)

University of Minnesota Printing Services

As part of my "Behind the Scenes" project at the University of Minnesota, I photographed the Printing Services operation. It includes printing, binding, and addressing and mailing.


(Click to enlarge)


(Click to enlarge)

Japanese Garden - Stony Paths

20111205Japanese Garden100.jpg

(Click to enlarge)

20111205Japanese Garden114.jpg

(Click to enlarge)

This completes my posting of photos from Portland's Japanese Garden - one of the loveliest places I've seen.

Japanese Garden - The Art of Stones

20111205Japanese Garden094.jpg

(Click to enlarge)

20111205Japanese Garden096.jpg

(Click to enlarge)

Mount Hood from the Japanese Garden

20111205Japanese Garden109.jpg

Japanese Garden - Leaves and Rocks

20111205Japanese Garden084.jpg

(Click to enlarge)

20111205Japanese Garden116.jpg

(Click to enlarge)

Japanese Garden

Green lushness - a combination of Japanese aesthetic and Portland climate.

20111205Japanese Garden071.jpg

(Click to enlarge)

20111205Japanese Garden073.jpg

(Click to enlarge)

Japanese Garden

Manmade, but fitting so beautifully into the (man-designed and -tended) natural world.

20111205Japanese Garden064.jpg

(Click to enlarge)

20111205Japanese Garden104.jpg

(Click to enlarge)

20111205Japanese Garden107.jpg

(Click to enlarge)

Japanese Garden

Studies in green and orange, from Portland's beautiful Japanese Garden.

20111205Japanese Garden050.jpg

(Click to enlarge)

20111205Japanese Garden052.jpg

(Click to enlarge)

20111205Japanese Garden061.jpg

(Click to enlarge)

Japanese Garden

The simple elegance of a bamboo fence, tied with twine.

20111205Japanese Garden047.jpg

(Click to enlarge)

20111205Japanese Garden029.jpg

(Click to enlarge)

Japanese Garden

The wildly distorted trees in Portland's Japanese Garden are striking. Do they grow naturally like that, or are they trained like bonsai?

20111205Japanese Garden017.jpg

(Click to enlarge)

20111205Japanese Garden016.jpg

(Click to enlarge)

Portland - Japanese Garden

Portland's Japanese Garden is one of the prettiest places I've ever seen. Here are some photos from early December. More to come.

20111205Japanese Garden003.jpg

(Click to enlarge)

20111205Japanese Garden014.jpg

(Click to enlarge)

20111205Japanese Garden011.jpg

(Click to enlarge)


Two photos from Portland, Oregon illustrating the great differences in light and mood one may encounter in a relative short time.

20111206Broadway Bridge037.jpg

(Click to enlarge) The Fremont Bridge, which carries I-405 traffic across the river, in a dense fog. Photographed from the Broadway Bridge just to the south. This is a color photo.

20111204Portland Steel Bridge120.jpg

(Click to enlarge) A building on the east side of the river, in the Rose District. The golden light of late afternoon made it glow - the color comes from sunlight, not from internal illumination.

Portland Colors

Cross the Willamette River on the Steel Bridge, going west, and you end up in Portland's Old Town Chinatown. It's a funky area, with some brightly decorated buildings.

20111204Portland Steel Bridge044.jpg

(Click to enlarge)

20111204Portland Steel Bridge046.jpg

(Click to enlarge)

Steel Bridge

Structural abstracts from Portland's Steel Bridge - a great source of images.

20111204Portland Steel Bridge115.jpg

(Click to enlarge)

20111204Portland Steel Bridge119.jpg

(Click to enlarge)

Steel Bridge

Structural views of Portland's Steel Bridge, rather than the close-ups I've been posting - but they're still interesting abstracts.

20111204Portland Steel Bridge109.jpg

(Click to enlarge)

20111204Portland Steel Bridge112.jpg

(Click to enlarge)

Steel Bridge

Two versions of the same scene, each with its own aesthetic merits.

20111204Portland Steel Bridge094.jpg

(Click to enlarge)

20111204Portland Steel Bridge095.jpg

(Click to enlarge)

Steel Bridge

More abstracts - variations on a theme - from Portland's Steel Bridge.

20111204Portland Steel Bridge091.jpg

(Click to enlarge)

20111204Portland Steel Bridge092.jpg

(Click to enlarge)

20111204Portland Steel Bridge098.jpg

(Click to enlarge)

Steel Bridge

Looking down into the Willamette River from the Steel Bridge: more abstractions.

20111204Portland Steel Bridge083.jpg

(Click to enlarge)

20111204Portland Steel Bridge084.jpg

(Click to enlarge)

20111204Portland Steel Bridge086.jpg

(Click to enlarge)

Steel Bridge

More abstracts from the very real Steel Bridge in Portland.

20111204Portland Steel Bridge076.jpg

(Click to enlarge)

20111204Portland Steel Bridge078.jpg

(Click to enlarge)

20111204Portland Steel Bridge080.jpg

(Click to enlarge)

Steel Bridge

The Steel Bridge over the Willamette River in Portland, Oregon is a masterpiece of steelwork engineering and construction. Close-up, the plates and rivets form intricate patterns, accentuated by rust, peeling paint, and shadows. For the next few days, I'll be posting a series of photos of the bridge, making what I think is an interesting series of images.

20111204Portland Steel Bridge068.jpg

(Click to enlarge)

20111204Portland Steel Bridge072.jpg

(Click to enlarge)

Nature Imitating Art

Leaves fallen on decorative drain covers in Portland's Old Town Chinatown.

20111204Portland Steel Bridge041.jpg

(Click to enlarge)

20111204Portland Steel Bridge042.jpg

(Click to enlarge)

Nicaragua Days 9-10 - Morgan's Rock

January 2-3: Days 9-10 in Nicaragua

After breakfast on Monday we took the ferry from Ometepe back to San Jorge, where we were picked up and transferred to Morgan's Rock, a high end resort on the Pacific coast. A nice last two days of our vacation.

(Click photos to enlarge them. They look better bigger.)

20120102Morgan's Rock001.jpg

Walking near the lounge/restaurant building at Finca San Juan, I noticed this fish skeleton. I think it was cleaned by a bird rather than a diner.

20120102Morgan's Rock002.jpg

Waiting for the ferry to the mainland.

20120103Morgan's Rock001.jpg

By the pool at Morgan's Rock.

20120103Morgan's Rock019.jpg

A mouse-sized bat that evidently didn't awaken from roosting on the screen of our bungalow. It was there for two days.

20120103Morgan's Rock004.jpg

A spiky Spanish cedar ...

20120103Morgan's Rock005.jpg

... and a thorny acacia tree seen during our guided nature walk.

20120103Morgan's Rock022.jpg

A long line of plate-like mushrooms

20120103Morgan's Rock026.jpg

and some attractively patterned tree bark seen on the self-guided Las Palmitas nature walk.

20120103Morgan's Rock047.jpg

Morgan's Rock is in a tropical dry forest, so large cacti grow on a cliff above the ocean.

20120103Morgan's Rock050.jpg

20120103Morgan's Rock052.jpg

The rocks along the beach had interesting patterns in their worn-smooth surfaces.

20120103Morgan's Rock065.jpg

The sunset bathed this tree in rosy light.

20120103Morgan's Rock060.jpg

20120103Morgan's Rock062.jpg

The sunset - and our Nicaraguan vacation - ended in a blaze of glory.

Nicaragua Day 8 - Ometepe

January 1, 2012: Day 8 in Nicaragua

The beach at Finca San Juan de las Islas on Ometepe Island faces east, so I figured the sunrise should be good. I got up at 5 AM (not the sort of dedicated photographer behavior I generally indulge in) and walked a few yards to the beach. Here are a few of the more successful attempts.





After breakfast we took a very rough ride (the roads on Ometepe are generally lousy), and then a pretty strenuous hike, to San Ramon Waterfall. Some photos along the way,






The Land Cruiser takes quite a beating, inside and out.


Eating lunch in a garden restaurant near a beach (playa), we saw this huaracha (bluejay) perched on the sign near our table. These birds have the mischievous habits of US jays, but are bigger, with longer tails and larger top-knots.

At the end of the day, I took a little walk through the plantain groves





Nicaragua Day 7 - Mombacho and Ometepe

December 31, 2011: Day 7 in Nicaragua

The Internet in our isolated island hotel was too slow to be useful, so I wasn't able to post for a couple of days. Now we're in a better situation, so I'll play catch-up today (January 2, 2012),

We began the last day of the old year by hiking at the top of Mombacho Volcano, near Granada. It's a cloud forest, and it was very foggy, so we were unable to see the craters. However, it gave a nice atmosphere to the jungle vegetation. Here are some examples. (Click photos to enlarge them.)

20111231Mombacho Ometepe007.jpg

20111231Mombacho Ometepe002.jpg

20111231Mombacho Ometepe008.jpg

20111231Mombacho Ometepe017.jpg

20111231Mombacho Ometepe024.jpg

20111231Mombacho Ometepe042.jpg

20111231Mombacho Ometepe048.jpg

20111231Mombacho Ometepe051.jpg

We then took a van to the ferry in San Jorge near Rivas, and steamed across to the island of Ometepe, where we would spend two days at the Finca San Juan de las Islas - a very laid-back place set in a large plantain plantation.

20111231Mombacho Ometepe057.jpg

We arrived near sunset, and the beachfront, facing east onto Lake Nicaragua, was lovely.

20111231Mombacho Ometepe065.jpg

20111231Mombacho Ometepe068.jpg

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