Art on Wheels

An amazing exhibit at the San Diego Museum of Art: Vochol: Huichol Art on Wheels. From the web site:

"The Huichol are a deeply spiritual people, and much of their traditional artistic output is an extension of their faith. This particular work combines the traditions of the Huichol with an icon of popular culture, the Volkswagen Beetle. Within many Huichol works, as is the case with Vochol, there can be references to animals such as deer (the most revered of all animals), peyote (used as a part of a sacred ritual), and various abstract designs.

"Vochol's bright colors and intricate details meld popular culture and historic tradition in a singular work of art. The name derives from "vocho," a popular term for the Volkswagen Beetle in Mexico, and "Huichol," the common name of the Wirrárika indigenous group. This 1990 Beetle was covered in 2,277,000 beads applied by eight artisans from two Huichol families, who finished their work in late 2010. This installation at The San Diego Museum of Art officially marks the beginning of the international tour of Vochol."

Click images to enlarge them, to see the amazing beadwork in greater detail.






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