San Diego - USS Midway

Yesterday we spent a few hours on the USS Midway, a famous aricraft carrier that has been turned into a museum in San Diego Bay. It's a very interesting and impressive ship, and the tour - largely self-guided with audio headsets, but with lots of explanation available from old-timers who served on the Midway or similar ships - takes you into all the major operating areas. Good use is made of life-size mannequins to dramatize activities, and in this selection of photos I've concentrated on those. (Lots of photos of pipes and dials will come eventually.)

20120207San Diego-33.jpg

(Click to enlarge) Giant sculptural rendition of the famous Alfred Eisenstaedt photo of a sailor celebrating the end of WWII in Times Square.

20120207San Diego-90.jpg

(Click to enlarge) A training room below decks. The ship was extraordinarily complicated, and training was a continuous activity.

20120207San Diego-87.jpg

(Click to enlarge) Serious misbehavior meant time in the brig.

20120207San Diego-250.jpg

(Click to enlarge) Life-size cardboard cutout of a Marine guarding the Admiral's quarters.

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