San Diego Maritime Museum

Yesterday I spent several hours at the Maritime Museum of San Diego, which has an interesting collection of ships from the 19th and 20th century. I was attracted photographically by the profusion of crossing lines and masts on the sailing ships, and the dials, wheels, and other mechnisms on the submarines.

Maritime Museum-2.jpg

(Click to enlarge) Star of India: built in 1863, the second oldest ship still sailing regularly and the oldest iron-hulled merchant ship still floating.

Maritime Museum-3.jpg

(Click to enlarge) Star of India

Maritime Museum-7.jpg

(Click to enlarge) HMS Surprise, 1970 replica of a Royal Navy frigate used in the movie "Master and Commander"

Maritime Museum-8.jpg

(Click to enlarge) Furled sail, HMS Surprise

Maritime Museum-4.jpg

(Click to enlarge) Dolphin - US submarine that holds the depth diving record: more than 3,000 feet

Maritime Museum-5.jpg

(Click to enlarge) B-39, Soviet Foxtrot class submarine.

Maritime Museum-6.jpg

(Click to enlarge) Bunks and heads went anywhere there was room on the B-39.

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