Mongolia - Elsen Tasarkhai Dunes

Elsen Tasakhai-14.jpg

July 8. We woke up to find that a large flock of sheep and goats was grazing just outside the fence of our ger camp. An hour or so later they had completely disappeared in the vast landscape.

Elsen Tasakhai-15.jpg

The vivid roof of the dining ger against the ruffled blue sky made a striking picture.

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After breakfast we drove to the dunes that are a characteristic feature of Elsen Tasarkhai. Another ger camp is nestled right up to the dunes.

Elsen Tasakhai-17.jpg

From the top of the dunes we looked down on a small flock of black goats grazing the sparse vegetation. Goats do well in this sort of terrain.

Elsen Tasakhai-18.jpg

Camel tenders waiting for tourists to pay to have their pictures taken with the animals, or to take a little ride.

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We passed a large ovoo, a pile of rocks, prayer scarves, low-denomination bills, and other objects left by Buddhists to celebrate good fortune. These piles can grow over time to impressive size.

Elsen Tasakhai-21.jpg

On elevated ground nearby was a group of stupas, standing elegantly against the horizon, with a small ovoo in the foreground.

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