Mongolia - Erdene Zuu Monastery

July 9. As soon as it opened in the morning, we entered the grounds of the Erdene Zuu Monastery Erdene Zuu Monastery, probably the oldest surviving Buddhist monastery in Mongolia.

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Erdene Zuu-1.jpg

The wall is topped with 100 stupas.

Erdene Zuu-3.jpg

Erdene Zuu-7.jpg

The surviving temples: others were destroyed during the Stalin era.

Erdene Zuu-6.jpg

The Golden Stupa, against a looming sky.

Erdene Zuu-2.jpg

A doorway

Erdene Zuu-4.jpg

Erdene Zuu-5.jpg

Exterior and interior are richly decorated in the Chinese style.

Erdene Zuu-9.jpg

Erdene Zuu-11.jpg

Erdene Zuu-12.jpg

Many statues of the Buddha are the focal points of the interiors. These are just a few.

Erdene Zuu-10.jpg

Erdene Zuu-8.jpg

Erdene Zuu-13.jpg

Pillars and walls are covered with ornate symbolic decorations.

Erdene Zuu-14.jpg

Offerings of money are piled in front of yak butter sculptures.

Erdene Zuu-15.jpg

Across the road from the monastery parking lot is a row of shops, including a stand at which visitors may pay to have their photos taken with eagles.

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