Mongolia - Karakorum to Ulaan Baatar

July 10. This was a long day of driving back from Karakorum to Ulaan Baatar.


Before leaving in the morning, I photographed a detail of a fancy ger under construction,


frost heaves in the ground near the river,


and the Orkhon river as it flowed near our camp.


The costumed greeter came out to welcome us for lunch, and I got her to pose for this picture.


On the way back to Ulaan Baatar, we saw a group of yaks,


an abandoned mill,


and a goat - one of a substantial herd - standing guard on a rise by the side of the road.


I felt constantly drawn to images that express the vastness of the Mongolian grassland. Here is our bus, viewed from a hill on which we were eating lunch.


And here is a solitary rider climbing a hill near the horse race course west of Ulaan Baatar.

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