Mongolia - Karakorum

July 8. In the afternoon we drove further west to Karakorum, the site of a city designated by Chinggis Khan as the capital of the Khan empire in 1220 AD.

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As we checked in to the Munkh Tenger Ger Camp, we were offered a welcoming cup of mare's milk. Our tour leader, Chris Carpenter, took the first sip.


The others staying at the camp were four German motorcyclists, whose journey started at Lake Baikal.



A local Naadaam festival was in progress, so we spent much of the afternoon watching the horse races.


A fierce dust storm blew up abruptly, so this young rider took his horse to shelter.


After dinner at the ger camp, we had an unexpected concert of traditional Mongolian music by itinerant musicians. This woman sang "long songs" in a remarkably strong, almost trumpet-like voice.


A contortionist is usually part of the ensemble. This one amazed us both by her flexibility and balance, and by her costume.

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