Mongolia - Orkhon Valley

The Orkhon Valley Cultural Landscape "sprawls along the banks of the Orkhon River in Central Mongolia, some 320 km west from the capital Ulaanbaatar. It was inscribed by UNESCO in the World Heritage List as representing evolution of nomadic pastoral traditions spanning more than two millennia." (Wikipedia)

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The Hoyor Zagal Ger Camp at which we were staying is just a few hundred yards from the Orkhon River, so we walked over in the early morning to view the river and its steep opposite bank, and to watch the goats finding their breakfast among the rocks.


After visiting the Erdene Zuu Monastery, we drove and then climbed up a steep hill to look at a stone turtle, sacred in Tibetan Buddhism.


An ovoo was nearby, adorned with many horse head skulls. We did not see this elsewhere on our trip.


Every tourist destination must have a place to buy trinkets, complete with bored shopkeeper.



The photographer is constantly confronted with the seemingly limitless plain and the dramatic sky.

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