Mongolia - Terelj National Park

July 14. After the ger disassembly/assembly demo, we drove to the Terelj National Park and Scenic Area, which is part of the Khan Khentii Strictly Protected Natural Area. This was an important spiritual place to Genghis Khan. It features very different scenery than that we've seen so far on this trip.



Lush green forests - mainly larch and some birch - on steep hillsides.



Dramatic rock formations.




Colorful wildflowers in the meadows at this time of year.


As the area is only a couple of hours drive from Ulaan Baatar, it has become a popular tourist destination, with the inevitable "attractions".


The Tuul River runs through the national park, and continues on to Ulaan Baatar, where it furnishes much of the capital's water supply. It then joins the Orkhon River, flowing north into Russia and Lake Baikal. Little of the Tuul's eventful destiny is evident in this peaceful scene.

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