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Fall Colors in Portland

All the leaves may be off the trees in Saint Paul, but not so in Portland, Oregon (although they're falling). The colors were vivid on a visit last week.


(click to enlarge)


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More Ducks

Mola details


(click to enlarge)


(click to enlarge)


Details of a mola from Panama. (click to enlarge)



Variations 4

Two final (for now) explorations of Photoshop Elements filter effects

Invert+Glowing Edges.jpg

Invert + Glowing Edges (click to enlarge)

Palette Knife.jpg

Palette Knife (click to enlarge)

Variations 3

Two more variations using the filters in Photoshop Elements


Fresco (click to enlarge)


Invert (click to enlarge)

Variations 2

Two more Photoshop Elements filters. See yesterday for the original.


Cutout (click to enlarge)

Dry Brush.jpg

Dry brush (click to enlarge)

Variations 1

A few weeks ago I posted the original of this photo. I thought it would be a good image with which to explore some of the "filters" in Photoshop Elements. Over the next few days I'll post some of the results.

20121014-Minnesota7 copy.jpg

Original (click to enlarge)

Colored Pencil.jpg

Colored pencil (click to enlarge)

Reflected Geometries

In San Francisco's Yerba Buena Gardens. (click to enlarge)

20121107-San Francisco11.jpg

20121107-San Francisco52.jpg

Paris Parade

From the archives: Gay pride parade in Paris, 2005.


(click to enlarge)


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Leading Lines

20121107-San Francisco36.jpg

(click to enlarge) In San Francisco's Yerba Buena Gardens


In San Francisco's Yerba Buena Gardens. (Click to enlarge)

20121107-San Francisco51.jpg

20121107-San Francisco6.jpg

San Francisco Waterfront

20121107-San Francisco77.jpg

(click to enlarge) On the perimeter of AT&T Stadium, home of the San Francisco Giants baseball team. I think this statue pays homage to the San Francisco Seals, a former minor league team that was a farm club of the New York Yankees. I was a big Seals fan in high school, in the early 1950s.

20121107-San Francisco82.jpg

(click to enlarge) Workman building a platform, perhaps a viewing stand for the America's Cup races to be held in San Francisco Bay next year. Or perhaps just a place to tail-gate before the Giants games.

Try Again

Salesman 2-tone.jpg

(click to enlarge)

Another try at the salesman/panhandler/politician sculpture photo that I posted yesterday. Faced with the not totally satisfactory options of color or black & white, I did the following in Lightroom:
* Cropped the photo, to emphasize the "in-your-face" aspect of the sculpture
* Desaturated the green and aqua colors, to minimize the distracting background
* Slightly lightened the face and hands, to draw more attention to them
* Raised the luminance of the orange and yellow colors, to brighten the hands
* Put a vignette around the edges, to focus attention on the inner parts of the photo

I think the result is somewhat better than the previous versions, though it's still not totally satisfactory. Sometimes one just has to admit that a photo is never going to be as good as one's concept of it.

Conversion to Monochrome

A few days ago I posted a color photo of this statue. Here it is in B&W, with the color version for comparison. When color isn't a focus of an image, monochrome is often a better choice - in this case because the bright green background isn't distracting. Yet the color version directs attention to the real focus of the piece: the bright bronze hand(s). Hmmm...

Salesman B&W.jpg

(click to enlarge)

20121107-San Francisco43a.jpg

(click to enlarge)

Perspectives in Black and White

A couple of photos from our San Francisco trip, converted to B&W.

Water Feature B&W.jpg

(click to enlarge) Water feature in Yerba Buena Gardens

Parking Lot B&W.jpg

(click to enlarge) Parking ramp in SOMA

San Francisco Giants

AT&T Stadium, the home of the San Francisco Giants.

20121107-San Francisco71.jpg

Statue of Willie Mays, who started his career with the Minneapolis Millers. (click to enlarge)

20121107-San Francisco74.jpg

On the outside, looking in. (click to enlarge)


20121107-San Francisco54.jpg

(click to enlarge)

San Francisco Shop Windows

20121107-San Francisco60.jpg

(click to enlarge)

20121107-San Francisco57.jpg

(click to enlarge)

Grand Style

Swimming pool at the Olympic Club, San Francisco.

20121107-San Francisco85.jpg

(click to enlarge)

Panhandler, Salesman, or Politician?

Sculpture in Yerba Buena Gardens, San Francisco

20121107-San Francisco43.jpg

(click to enlarge)

20121107-San Francisco44.jpg

(click to enlarge)

San Francisco Fog

20121107-San Francisco23.jpg

(click to enlarge)

20121107-San Francisco24.jpg

(click to enlarge)

Water Features

We're in San Francisco for a few days. Here are two pictures taken in Yerba Buena Gardens, a very attractive park near the Moscone Convention Center and SF MOMA. They do nice things with water here.

(click to enlarge)

20121107-San Francisco19.jpg

20121107-San Francisco15.jpg


Slow decay in the sun.

20121021Fall Colors031.jpg

(click to enlarge)


20121021Fall Colors033.jpg

Crab Apple Tangle

20121021Fall Colors032.jpg

(click to enlarge)


The light, color, and perspective of these houses along Selby Avenue reminds me of some of the paintings of Edward Hopper.

20121021Fall Colors030.jpg

(click to enlarge)

Autumn Light

Along Selby Avenue in Saint Paul

20121021Fall Colors029.jpg

(click to enlarge)


A scene from the garden of one of the big houses along Summit Avenue in Saint Paul. To my eyes, the confusion between foreground and background verges on optical illusion.

20121021Fall Colors025.jpg

(click to enlarge)

Informal Elegance

Along Summit Avenue in Saint Paul

20121021Fall Colors018.jpg

(click to enlarge)

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