Another Day in Luang Prabang

January 4: Our last full day in Luang Prabang.

20130104Luang Prabang001.jpg

A woman inspected her garden plot by the river below our hotel.

20130104Luang Prabang002.jpg

One of the demons guarding the temple at Vat Aham

20130104Luang Prabang005.jpg

The main Buddha statue behind many smaller statues and a table laden with gifts at Vat Aham.

20130104Luang Prabang006.jpg

The walls of the temple are covered with scenes from the Buddhist theology, somewhat reminiscent of Giotto's murals in Padua - though of course not in the same league artistically.

20130104Luang Prabang010.jpg

A young novice monk hanging up the laundry behind the Vat Aham temple. Monks are educated not just in Buddhism, but in a standard range of academic subjects. They may end up among the best educated of Laotians. They often join a monastery very young, to save their families from having to feed them.

20130104Luang Prabang016.jpg

Next door to Vat Aham is Vat Visounnarath. Here the austere main Buddha is flanked by some smaller images.

20130104Luang Prabang019.jpg

Here and in the two photos below are some of the many objects in the Vat Visounnarath temple.

20130104Luang Prabang027.jpg

A Buddhist face flanked by two Khmer faces.

20130104Luang Prabang031.jpg

All of the statues have the hands-down, pray for rain stance.

20130104Luang Prabang040.jpg

The Vat Visounnarath complex has an unusual stupa, notable for the watermelon-shaped dome.

20130104Luang Prabang059.jpg

We had lunch at a hippie-era restaurant, Utopia. The facade of this nearby building was an attractive reminder of the ethos of that era, which fits well with the Luang Prabang atmosphere.

20130104Luang Prabang Evening014.jpg

A tradition in Luang Prabang is to watch the sunset by climbing the 328 steps of Phusi Hill. People are waiting, seated against a white wall.

20130104Luang Prabang Evening022.jpg

The sunset itself, seen through the Olympus sunset scene filter.

Today (January 5) we fly from Luang Prabang to Bangkok and then on to Yangon, beginning the Myanmar/Burma part of our trip. Internet access is not likely to be as good there as it has been so far, so posting on this blog may be sporadic.

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