Mulberry Paper Shop in Pindaya

January 8 (part 2): After breakfast we visited a nearby shop where they make paper out of mulberry tree fibers and use it to make artist paper, notebooks, and even umbrellas.

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20130108Pindaya-Inle Lake024.jpg

A bowl of petals at the entry to our hotel.

20130108Pindaya-Inle Lake048.jpg

Umbrellas made of mulberry paper.

20130108Pindaya-Inle Lake055.jpg

One of the workers in the shop, demonstrating an umbrella.

20130108Pindaya-Inle Lake046.jpg

This young woman was our guide/interpreter at the mulberry paper shop. She's in the 11th grade, the top student in her class, and hopes to go to medical school.

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