Why do I maintain this blog? Mostly it's to show photos that I think have some aesthetic and/or psychological interest from my travels or current location. But occasionally the blog serves as a sketchbook, to try out some ideas and alternative treatments that may or may not lead to anything of permanent worth. David duChemin had an interesting recent blog on the topic of sketching in photography.

20130606Brasov & Bran Castle107-1.jpg

I recently posted this photo of an old street in Brasov, Romania.

20130606Brasov & Bran Castle107-2.jpg

When I looked at it a couple of days ago, I thought that the street might imply an older, darker mood. So I processed the photo in that direction.

20130606Brasov & Bran Castle107-3.jpg

Of course, black and white can be the best representation of "older and darker", hence this version.

Which of these is best? There's probably no sensible answer to that question, but it's interesting to explore alternatives in this online sketchbook. Click photos to enlarge them.

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