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A Plenitude of Wine

In the Whole Foods store, Pearl District in Portland. Click photos to enlarge them.



Saint Paul in Black and White

A couple more B&W from Saturday's walk. Click photos to enlarge them.

20140425Saint Paul005.jpg

Ceiling of a passageway in Union Depot.

20140425Saint Paul020.jpg

Stairway up to Summit Avenue by the James J. Hill Mansion

Artists' Building

The Tilsner Building in Lowertown Saint Paul is an old Victorian warehouse converted to studios and living spaces for artists. Some of the old brick and beams remain. Click photos to enlarge them.

20140425Saint Paul010.jpg

20140425Saint Paul011.jpg

Central Energy

Yesterday afternoon we walked to downtown Saint Paul. I've been looking at black and white photos recently, and saw some scenes that I thought would do well in B&W. Lots of structure, strong luminance contrast, no important colors These are of the Central Energy facility (co-generation, etc.). Click photos to enlarge them.

20140425Saint Paul001.jpg

20140425Saint Paul002.jpg

Panel Discussion

A couple of photos taken at the Blackfish Gallery in Portland during a panel discussion of Clement Greenberg's article "Avant-Garde and Kitsch" on the 75th anniversary of its publication. Click photos to enlarge them.



Portland Street Scenes



Click photos to enlarge them.

Department Store

Waiting while my wife tried on jeans. I'm not sure the department store approves of people taking pictures inside, but they set up lots of nice visuals. Click photos to enlarge them.



This isn't a construction site, but rather a divider between two sections of the women's petite clothing section. Who knew?

Portland Colors

Two photos from NW Portland, in a former industrial area that is now being developed into high-rise condos and funky restaurants. Click photos to enlarge them.



Fallen Petals

Ornamental cherry trees were in full bloom in Portland, with the petals beginning to fall and thickly coat everything beneath. Click photos to enlarge them.




More Japanese Maples

The courtyard of our condominium complex in Portland has some small Japanese maple bushes in nicely arranged groupings with rocks and other plants. Click photos to enlarge them.




Japanese Maple Revisited


This morning I posted a couple of pictures of Japanese maples, the first with a very different color - much more magenta - than the second, and different also from others I have yet to post. It finally occurred to me that these were not different species, but rather that the magenta color came from inaccurate white balance due to a shadowed environment and a cloudy sky. When I warmed up the image, I got the result shown here, which is roughly what I should have gotten with a custom white balance of the scene. (click to enlarge)

Japanese Maples

Japanese maple bushes and small trees, in various shades of magenta, red, and rust, are much in evidence in Portland this spring. Click photos to enlarge them.



Poster Poles

The telephone poles at the corners of streets along NW 23rd Avenue in the Nob Hill area of Portland are amazingly densely covered with relics of stapled posters, now pulled or burned off. In some places the residual is nearly an inch deep. Click photos to enlarge them.




Spring in Portland




Click photos to enlarge them.

Under the Bridge


Underside of the Hawthorne Avenue Bridge across the Willamette River in Portland. (click to enlarge)

Filtered Photos

Sometimes it's fun to take an ordinary photograph and manipulate it with one of the many special effects available in programs such as Photoshop Elements filters or onOne's Perfect Effects 8. Here are a couple of examples. The options are essentially infinite.

Click photos to enlarge them.


Apples at Whole Foods


Dirt texture filter in Perfect Effects 8


A picture posted a few days ago: Ornamental cherry blossoms in Portland


Radial blur filter in Perfect Effects 8


Reflections of a downtown Portland building in a the hood of a black car - two variations. Click photos to enlarge them.



Spring in Portland OR

Portland is reputed to have rainy, overcast, generally dismal weather. But our experience is very different. Here, for example, are a couple of scenes from walking around yesterday -- looks like southern California. Today is very similar. Click photos to enlarge them.



Oldenburg at the Walker

A few months ago, there was an exhibit of early work by Claes Oldenburg at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. Here are a few images from the show. Click photos to enlarge them.





20130423University of Minnesota 033.jpg

20130423University of Minnesota 034.jpg

East River Road Ramp, University of Minnesota. Click photos to enlarge them.


Nils Hasselmo Hall, University of Minnesota. Click photos to enlarge them.

20130325University of Minnesota 001.jpg


Power Pylons

20140410Water Power Park002.jpg

20140410Water Power Park009.jpg

Seen from Saint Anthony Falls Water Power Park in Minneapolis. Click photos to enlarge them.

Water Power

The controlled but powerful turbulent water of Saint Anthony Falls seen from the Water Power Park in Minneapolis. Click photos to enlarge them.

20140410Water Power Park005.jpg

20140410Water Power Park006.jpg

20140410Water Power Park008.jpg

Facade (2)

20140410Amundson Facade006.jpg

20140410Amundson Facade007.jpg

Click photos to enlarge them.


The new facade of Amundson Hall at the University of Minnesota presents brilliant interference colors in the bright sun. Click photos to enlarge them.

20140410Amundson Facade002.jpg

20140410Amundson Facade004.jpg

20140410Amundson Facade005.jpg

Madagascar Boys

20110929Fort Dauphin to Berenty092.jpg

On the way to the lemur preserve at Berenty. (click to enlarge)

Madagascar Girl


In a shop stall in Hell-Ville, Madagascar. (click to enlarge)

Cuban Schoolgirl

Performing a dance for us at a school in Trinidad, Cuba. (click to enlarge)

2010-01-05 Trinidad and Havana-15.jpg

Cuba Kids

In our travels over the years, I've taken many pictures of children. Here are a couple from Cuba. Click photos to enlarge them.

2009-12-31 Havana-73.jpg


2010-01-03 Cienfuegos-37.jpg



20140212San Diego038.jpg

San Diego. (click to enlarge)

Black and White

San Diego B&W-2.jpg

San Diego B&W-3.jpg

San Diego. Click photos to enlarge them.


20140212San Diego042.jpg

San Diego. I worked hard to get all those corners to line up. (click to enlarge)

Two Worlds

20140212San Diego024.jpg

Two worlds in San Diego juxtaposed: the Hispanic past, and the hypermodern present looming over it.

Cafe with Zebra

20140212San Diego028.jpg

An idiosyncratic cafe at which I had lunch in the Little Italy neighborhood of San Diego. (click to enlarge)

Primary Colors

20140212San Diego019.jpg

20140212San Diego020.jpg

San Diego. Click photos to enlarge them.


20140211San Diego145.jpg

San Diego. (click to enlarge)


20140211San Diego117.jpg

20140212San Diego041.jpg

San Diego. Click photos to enlarge them.

Lines on Gray

20140212San Diego049.jpg

20140212San Diego014.jpg

Seen in San Diego. Click photos to enlarge them.

Orange Signs

20140211San Diego113.jpg

20140211San Diego125.jpg

Click photos to enlarge them.


The streets of San Diego are not rife with anti-establishment signs, but there were a few. Click photos to enlarge them.

20140212San Diego032.jpg

20140212San Diego036.jpg


20140211San Diego090.jpg

20140212San Diego052.jpg

San Diego buildings. Click photos to enlarge them.

Cubist Scenes

San Diego abstracts. Click photos to enlarge them.

20140212San Diego029.jpg

20140212San Diego053.jpg

San Diego Concrete

Not all of San Diego is sunny and colorful. But the graphics can still be interesting. Click photos to enlarge them.

20140210San Diego028.jpg

20140212San Diego018.jpg

Gaslight Reflections

Reflections in the windows of a tavern in the Gaslight District of San Diego. Click photos to enlarge them.

20140211San Diego119.jpg

20140211San Diego123.jpg

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