CFANS Moodle Use Survey Results

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Earlier this summer, we sent out a survey to users who were identified as an instructor in a Moodle course and we had the following results:(247 Surveys sent out)

79 total replies; 73 plan to continue using Moodle into academic year 2013

When asked if the instructor would like to do more with Moodle:

  • 33 said yes,

  • 27 said maybe, and

  • 19 said no.

Most of the open-ended responses about what an instructor would like to add or expand indicated a desire to become more efficient in areas of grading, group work, and assignments.

Moodle Resources at the University
Although not much is changing as we move to version 2.4 this fall as a University, below are our favorite resources to use. Be sure to request that your site for Fall 2013 now and then take advantage of the resources available today. If you, like many Moodle users, would like to take the next step in your use of the tool here are three main categories that most of us find ourselves in at one time.

What should I know about Moodle?
  • Sign up through ULearn for Group Training
  • Be sure to search ULearn in the top right for "MDL" to see a list of all Moodle courses offered in the upcoming weeks/months.
  • One on One Tutoring - Submit a request for Moodle Tutoring
Where can I find specific answers? Need HELP?!
  • Get local academic technology support from CFANS-OIT at and we'd be glad to help with a solution, resource, or consultation.
  • Email Moodle support at for specific moodle concerns that deal with the tool, access, or unexpected results.
-Noah Holm, Academic Technologist, CFANS-OIT

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