September 5, 2006

About Me

I feel that the University of Minnesota is a perfect fit for me. Ever since I began thinking about college I have always wanted to go to the U. My parents forced me to even go tour Madison. I just always had a feeling I would come here. My dad graduated from the University and I grew up rooting for the Gophers. Living in Plymouth, Minnesota and being very close to the campus also just made it feel so right.

Not only is the University a great fit, it also will provide me with a great education. The Carlson School is known all over the Twin Cities as the premier business school in the Midwest. It is always ranked amongst the best business schools in the nation. With the plethora of local employers right around the campus, I'm sure I can use my education right out of college. The University of Minnesota was a great choice for me and has already exceeded my expectations.

First Day of Class

Today is our first day of classes here at the University of Minnesota. It is exciting and also very nerve-wracking. I only had one class this morning and now I am back in my dorm working on the assignments for the BA 1001 course. I still have two more classes later today. I am excited to start classes, but at the same time it is very hectic trying to find my way around the campus. I have had fun in my few days here so far. I am hoping my college life continues as easily and is as enjoyable as the past weekend.