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People are Funny

I was watching the "A-Team" trailer on Youtube last week (yes, sad, they did a remake). One of the comments in the comments section of the Youtube page said, "I absolutely cannot wait for this film to be released. I'm so excited, I could punch myself in the face! Does anybody know the release date?". I Watched "The Hangover" the weekend before seeing this trailer, and I laughed all the way through it. But nothing in that film made me laugh as long or as hard as I did at the thought of someone punching him/herself in the face from sheer excitement.

I just kept visualizing this tweaked out fanboy slugging himself while sitting in front of his Alienware laptop, and watching the HD "A-Team" trailer on Youtube. That just made my day, wait no, my WEEK! It was just too much to bear. I had tears streaming down my face from the laughter.

I know it's probably just an expression, but let's think about this one for a minute. Expressions generally have some seed of literal or figurative truth. So, what the hell kind of excitement would make you want to do bodily harm to yourself? Is it because no one else is in the vicinity to punch; and of all places, why in the face? Of all the f-ed up, random, goofy shit to do / say you're going to do, this one is right near the top. If only this individual knew what a great source of entertainment his / her little self disclosure is.