Bret Michaels Hospitalized

The infamous Poison star, Bret Michaels, was hospitalized Thursday as a result of brain hemorrhaging, reports MTV.

Michaels' hemorrhaging is reportedly due to his previous diabetes diagnosis. He remains in critical condition at an undisclosed location, reports MTV.

"The new medical woes come on the heels of an emergency appendectomy Michaels received after falling ill before a concert April 11," reports ABC News.

Mississippi Tornado Kills 2

Two people have been reported dead along with 20 others injured from a tornado that ripped through 15 counties in Mississippi, reports USA Today.

County Sheriff's are currently searching for any others that may be missing, reports USA Today.

"It is a tragic situation. One of this size and magnitude is very rare in our state," Greg Flynn of the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency said, reports Reuters.

Local Tornado Drills Begin

State-wide tornado drills will be held in Minnesota and Wisconsin today, despite beautiful weather, reports the Duluth News Tribune.

The drills will be conducted Thursday afternoon and evening by the National Weather Service, reports the Duluth Tribune.

The timing of the drills signifies the time when most tornados occur, reports the Star Tribune.

"The sirens will mark the annual Tornado Drill Day, part of Severe Weather Awareness Week, conducted by several state agencies and the National Weather Service," the Star Tribune said.

American Idol Getting Closer To Finale

Tim Urban is the most recently eliminated contest on American Idol leaving six in the running to become the next American Idol, reports USA Today.

"I don't perform for people who don't like me," Urban said in a conference call on Thursday, reports USA Today.

Urban, who was eliminated on Wednesday, was the weakest link in the left over contestants, reports Fox News Blog.

Urban wasn't expected to make it to the top 24 surprising everyone in making it to the top seven, reports Fox News Blog.

Burning Oil Rig Finally Sinks

An oil rig that has been burning in the Golf Of Mexico since Tuesday has finally sank, reports CNN.

The fire was caused by an explosion Thursday that has left 11 workers yet missing, reports CNN.

"Every hour that passes without locating them obviously decreases survivability, and we're still searching, and we want families of those who remain missing to know we are continuing our efforts, O'Berry said Thursday afternoon," reports CNN.

The cause of the fire is still unknown, reports the Houston Chronicle.

The worst case scenario is that the 11 missing workers are dead and that the vessel spilled 700,000 gallons of fuel and oil into the water, Coast Guard Fireman Katherine McNamara said, reports the Houston Chronicle.

Farmer Claims To Be Oprah's Father

Noah Robinson, an 84-year-old war veteran claims a DNA test will prove that he is Oprah's real father, reports the Telegraph.

""I'm her real father. I haven't seen her since she was a kid. She was a little bitty thing," Robinson told the New York Post, reports the Telegraph.

Oprah previously traced her father's family lineage back to Vernon Winfrey in 2007, reports MWZA.

Norhtern Minnesota Fires Continue

Dry Minnesota weather causes numerous fires to break out in Northern Minnesota this month, reports WCCO.

The desert-like, windy conditions have caused severe fires in Pike Bay and Pennington, reports WCCO.

The larger fire in Pike Bay, spans across 70-acres and has great potential to grow due to the heavily wooded terrain, reports the Star Tribune.

So far, the fires have burned 300 acres, reports the Star Tribune.

Breast Cancer Risks Rise For Binge Drinking Teens

New studies show that teen girls who consume large amounts of alcohol increase their chances for breast cancer later in their life, reports USA Today.

It is likely the teens will develop non-cancerous tissue and possibly cancerous tissue later on, reports USA Today.

The study conducted surveyed 7,000 women between the ages of 9 and 15, reports Smart About Health.

Of the women surveyed, 147 reported having benign breast disease and 67 had been confirmed with a biopsy, The Money Times said.

Women with benign breast disease are more likely to develop breast cancer in the future, The Money Times said.

Toyota Recalling Mini Vans

Toyota is recalling 600,000 Sienna minivans to check for rust on the cable that holds the spare tire, Toyota said on Friday, reports Freep.

Toyota has already recalled 6 million vehicles previously this year, reports Freep.

Toyota has blamed the rust issue on states with cold weather, reports the Miami Herald.

The cord will be checked on the recalled minivans and Toyota will send out letters to owners encouraging them to have the cord checked by dealers, the Miami Herald said.

China Death Toll Climbs

589 people are dead and 10,000 others injured in a series of shattering earthquakes that hit China Wednesday, reports CNN.

The areas of China that were struck the hardest were some of the poorest. The weakly built buildings buried people alive as the structures quickly tumbled, reports CNN.

The largest earthquakes magnitude was 6.9. "A spokesman said: "An emergency response co-ordinated by the Chinese government is already underway," reports BBC.

Relief efforts have started off slow. Many have been pulled from the rubble, but it is only a start to fixing the damage that has been done, reports TIME.