March 8, 2006

Health Fair

Walking into the fair you saw Becky Bowerman wearing goggles trying to follow a strip of tape on the floor and keep her balance. She had tried out a pair of “beer goggles.? The goggles are suppose to distort your vision, just like alcohol. “It’s really hard. You can barely see where your going with those things on,? said Becky, a freshman at UMD.
The Health fair on Wednesday provided a number of interesting and educating displays and activities held at UMD at the Kirby Rafters.
It is said that over-use of alcohol can be deadly. If too much is consumed a person can be poisoned and be on the verge of dying. Underage drinkers can also get into a lot of trouble of caught being under the influence.
Information from the stand also states that people who go to parties have to make sure to watch their drinks while at parties. They need to make sure that they receive either closed containers or make sure they have their drinks covered at all times. If not, they may get the “date rape? drug. The drug is tasteless, odorless, and colorless. People who receive this drug have no way to tell if their drink has gotten it.
Once the drug is received the person “blacks out.? They wont remember anything that happened and have no way of telling who did it or what happened.
There were many other stands that were helpful, like the effects of smoking, the relaxation of massages and spinal readings. It’s a good chance to see how healthy you really are and how to quit your bad habits.