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first things first


Well as much as I believe in what the manifesto is stating I think there are some things that I just think differently about. When I think of graphic design the first thing that comes to my mind is advertising.( maybe that’s just me but that is why I want to be a designer.) I think of Commercials, Billboards Websites, packaging, ect, ect, ect. These are all things that companies pay us to do. That is the job that I look forward to having. I like the fact that I can put my time into something and see it everywhere and say hey I made that, or that was my idea. And as much as I don’t want to design things that have no content behind them, the next person down the line will. I love being creative and coming up with different ways of looking at things, but sometimes people just don’t like what you are doing. In the end we design for the masses so what the masses want is what they get. That is what we are paid to do, and that is what our job entails. I agree that everyone should have morals and If your job goes against those morals then it is not for you. There are plenty of other companies out there that you could work for. It is for that next person who maybe grew up in a different atmosphere than you. Everyone has different morals and beliefs, and a lot of times it just goes back to how or where they grew up. So those things that aren’t for you are just for someone else. Trying to stand up for something goes only as far as how many are behind it. There are mean, shallow, non-caring hypocritical people out there, that is just a part of this mixed up world that we live in. So yes stand up for yourself and your design if you are truly against it, but there are also little things in life that we don’t always want to do. It might not be that interesting but its not worth going through the troubles of finding another employer. Just suck it up and get it done. Complaining does nothing for you, but make you look bad. Unless those little things are very important to you, just do it.

-Tony Vitali


What up Tony. I like what you have to say and respect where youre comin from. I think that the manifesto is a very important one, but I also understand about the advertising aspect of it. I can tell through your designs that you enjoy that ad part very much, and you are very good at it. Keep it up and do what YOU like to do.