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my first green design

Graphic Design III
Spring 2006
Student’s Name: Tony Vitali
Project Title: Wooden Box- Green Design Project – The Hemp Kit
Describe the challenge:
The main challenge of the project t was coming up with a functional use for an eco friendly product that fits into a wooden paintbrush box. The size and shape was restricted due to the constraints of the box. After coming up with the idea pulling all of the elements together and designing a product that is both functional, visually pleasing, and also eco friendly.

Describe your creative process:
The first thing that we did for this assignment was come up with 100 possibilities for the project. After coming up with them we picked five out of the 100 and developed the ideas a little more detailed. After that we chose the best, and most practical idea out of the group and started creating sketches for the box. My idea for my box was “The Hemp Kit.? It is a kit for creating and storing Hemp necklaces and bracelets. From the sketches I started to develop the design. I then chose the fonts and looked into possibilities to make the project more eco- friendly. I looked into the idea of using hemp paper and started to buy the supplies to put it all together. I also researched the Idea of using hemp as an alternative material for everyday uses. This helped me to come up with more solutions for my design and the idea behind the project.

Describe your solution:
The solutions for my box came after I had researched the ideas of green design and the use of hemp as a product. The overall idea of the hemp kit and wearing hemp is to promote the use of it as an alternative to other products that are not as good for the environment. I created a pamphlet to be inserted into the box as a guide to making the necklaces and also a little background on the product and why to use it as an alternative. I feel that my overall idea was a good use of the box and promotes an eco-friendly Idea, while showing a good use of design elements to help convey that message.

List the box contents + design elements:
Inside the Hemp Kit are compartment that separate beads, two different colors of hemp, scissors and a hook for help while creating the necklaces and bracelets. Also a pamphlet will be placed into the box that has instructions with illustrations, a short history of the use of hemp, and why it is an eco- friendly alternative.

Outline the green design features:
The materials for inside the box are a part of green design, as well as the overall Idea of The Hemp Kit.

List specific eco-friendly materials used in this project:
please include name of material / where you can find it / how much it costs
Wood Beads, that are made from drift wood, as well as beads that are made from recycled plastics The Bead Harbor, Corner of lake Ave. and Superior St. cost depend of the beads, They average about 30cents a piece.
Hemp Paper, and Hemp : The Green Mercantile. Superior St. 25 cents per sheet, $5.00 for a roll of Hemp.


I couldnt blog about your project on Lief Erickson in that entry so i will do it here just cause i liked that project so much. Nice job on the project. I really enjoyed how smooth the whole thing ran together. The images were very crisp and sleek. I really enjoyed the playfulness of the chalk on the wall. The connection of all of the images worked really well in brining the viewer's eye across the entire set of images. I think it would be neat if you could figure a way to bind it together though instead of 12 separate pieces. Its not a big deal at all, but might be kind of nice if you were to display it in a show. Well done to all of you that worked on this project....well done indeed.